Why Clear Invested in Wherobots: The Cloud Platform for Geospatial Data and AI

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Wherobots, a revolutionary company aiming to unlock the untapped potential of geospatial data. With over 97% of this data currently sitting unused, Wherobots is set to transform the industry by democratizing the development and deployment of the geospatial data processing and analytics stack.

This investment aligns perfectly with our vision of supporting technologies that modernize infrastructure and have a profound impact on various industries. Wherobots’ potential applications span across logistics, location-based advertising technology, automotive, and data-as-a-service, to name just a few. As data continues to be hailed as the new currency of business, Wherobots is positioning itself as a pioneer in leveraging geospatial data. By enabling enterprises to put data into context through geospatial location and time, Wherobots empowers them to ask the right questions and unlock the true value of their data assets.

To learn more about Wherobots, their mission, and why we invested, check out the full article here.

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