Daniel Bashir

ML Engineer

Meet Daniel. ????

Daniel Bashir is an integral part of our inaugural CLEAR Ventures DeepTech Fellowship. He brings a unique perspective to our program from his research at Harvey Mudd in applied Deep Learning, internship as an Applied Scientist at Amazon & current role as an ML Engineer at a Stealth Startup. 

While research and technical work are part of Daniel’s typical day-to-day life, the social impact and ethics of AI interest him too. Daniel has the opportunity to explore these subjects through his role as an Editor at The Gradient where he interviews AI researchers and practitioners on topics such as common sense, moral reasoning, and consciousness in AI. 

In addition to exploring ethical and responsible AI, Daniel is enjoying his first experience as an operator at a leading Startup in the Valley. “There are really no boundaries when you are at a startup. Your days always look different and you’re encouraged to jump around teams and projects to keep things moving forward. This environment might not be for everyone, but I’ve loved getting to learn by working on projects that I would not have been able to otherwise.”

CLEAR Fellowship Reflection

Daniel has always been interested in startups and entrepreneurship as a way to make an impact in DeepTech. “This Fellowship has been a great way to expose myself to startups, see what it looks like to be a founder, and learn more about the VC industry.”

Advice from Daniel

“Be flexible, adaptable, and willing to go out into the world, try things, and figure out what works for you.”