Exablox Continues to Reimagine Storage as the Only Vendor to Offer Inline Variable and Fixed-Length Deduplication and Inline Compression, Resulting in up to 20:1 Data Reduction

Exablox®, the award-winning company reimagining storage, today announced that it has added variable-length deduplication to its suite of enterprise-class features for its OneBlox® appliance. With this addition, Exablox is the only storage provider to offer both inline variable-length and fixed-length deduplication along with inline compression in a single storage pool. These capabilities enable Exablox to decrease the required storage by up to 95 percent and increase data reduction ratios up to 20:1. Consequently, customers dramatically increase the amount of effective storage capacity and drive costs down to $0.03/GB. Exablox’s variable-length deduplication feature is well suited to interoperate with backup/recovery software from major vendors, including Veeam, AppAssure, CommVault and others.

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